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Cervical ripening is the process where the cervix prepares for birth. Before birth the cervix must soften, efface (thin out) and dilate. Some women begin the ripening process naturally weeks before birth and others have a tight, closed cervix until early labor begins. In some cases the cervix does not ripen, in which case it may be necessary to use medications that ripen the cervix to induce birth, and if this is unsuccessful, a C-section may be needed.

Acupuncture beginning around 34-36 weeks gently encourages the cervix to ripen naturally, encourages the baby to descend, relaxes muscles and tendons in the pelvis, and calms anxieties about birth. These treatments are done weekly and have been found to encourage labor to occur naturally at full term and reduce the length of labor itself. The goal of treatment is to help you avoid a medically induced labor. Inducing labor through medical procedures carries some risks especially in women who have an unripened cervix. Up to a quarter of 1st time mothers who are induced end up having a C-section as the induction failed to progress into a vaginal birth.

studies have shown that acupuncture done regularly in the weeks leading up to delivery have shown a:

-35% reduction in medical inductions (43% in 1st time deliveries)

-31% reduction in epidurals

-32% reduction in emergency C-section

-9% increase in vaginal births

One of the most common reasons for labor induction is because you have passed your due date. I can provide treatment even after you have been medically induced if your labor isn't progressing. 


Weather your planning to conceive naturally or if you have been unable to conceive naturally and have had to turn to Reproductive technologies like IVF, Frozen Embryo Transfer, IUI, Donor Insemination I can help. There are explainable reasons for infertility and oftentimes there are also no explainable reasons. Each individual case is unique. There are no 2 cases of infertility that are the same. This is where Chinese medicine shines! A complete overall whole body comprehensive analysis is done to see where the underlying imbalance lies so it can be corrected. Western medicine does not do this


The goal of acupuncture during these procedures is to:

-increase blood flow to your uterus

-decrease the negative side effects of the fertility medications

-help increase the chance of implantation and ultimately achieve pregnancy

-help reduce the discomfort of the actual IVF procedure

-reduce stress, anxiety and increase your chance of carrying to full term


Acupuncture done prior to IUI prepares your body for conception by: 

-increasing blood flow to your uterus

-promoting ovulation

-reducing stress

-reducing the discomfort and cramping post 

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